Who We Are:

Founded in 2002 and based in Los Angeles, California, Radix Fire Protection, Inc. is an all inclusive fire protection company catering to business owners, property managers and others who need reliable fire protection related services. 

Whether it is new construction, service for an existing property, or simply staying code compliant, Radix services at a competitive price point, in all of Southern California counties. And with a great client service support and a growing client base, Radix is the preferred choice of your fire protection partner.

Our Mission:

Our clients mean everything to us. Radix understands that success is only achieved through highest level of professional conduct. Our aim is to provide the our clients with the best client support systems for your convenience and peace of mind.  


Our Commitment:

Our focus is constant improvement and on-going training for our staff.  We are committed to doing our part in facilitating every transaction of business with professionalism, efficiency and transparency. We guarantee you will find it easy to work with us.  

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