Q. Why is a One-Stop Solution a good option?

A. You be hassle free from dealing with multiple vendors to fire protection solutions. Radix Fire Protection Inc. offers One-Stop Solution to meet all your fire protection needs and you can be assured that all work is done by our trained and professional technicians.


Q. What is one thing that I can do to save money?

A. Preventive maintenance services are a good way to save money. Regular servicing helps to prolong the life-cycle and preserve operational function of fire equipment, protect valuable warranties and prevent unexpected breakdowns.


Q. How does Radix help businesses stay code compliant?

A. A comprehensive preventive maintenance program is essential to ensure proper working condition for all your fire equipment in your building. Radix Fire Protection, Inc. uses the latest technologies and CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) tools along with industry experienced professionals to ensure that your building is up to code and in compliance on timely scheduled maintenance and repairs.


Q. Where do you guys work?

A. We currently have the capacity to cover all over Southern California, but we are expanding to bring you more affordable and easier schedule.